Cookieless Session Tracking

Are you looking for a web analytics solution that offers cookieless session tracking? Look no further. This cutting-edge technology provides more accurate insights, improved security and privacy, and increased flexibility for managing user data.

Cookieless session tracking allows web analytics to track users without the need for browser cookies, making it easier to accurately collect and analyze data from all types of devices. By eliminating the need to rely on third-party cookies, this method ensures that user data is stored securely on your own servers.

It also eliminates any potential issues with cross-domain tracking or cookie expiration. In addition to greater accuracy in user data collection, cookieless session tracking also provides better privacy protection for users.

With this method, there’s no risk of user information being shared with other websites or companies. As a result, users can feel confident knowing their personal data is safe and secure.

Furthermore, cookieless session tracking gives businesses more control over how they manage user data. They can easily assign unique identifiers to each user based on their device type or IP address, allowing them to segment audiences and tailor content accordingly. Additionally, businesses have the ability to set expiration dates for sessions so that outdated data isn’t included in analysis reports. Overall, cookieless session tracking is an invaluable tool for web analytics solutions that enables businesses to collect more accurate user data while protecting the privacy of those users.

Make sure you choose an analytics solution that includes this feature so you can get the most out of your web analytics efforts.

This feature comes with the following plans

  • Free Plan
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  • Marketing Plan
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